Book art about political matters -

"The Unraveling of Political Discourse" by Deborah Greenwood & Lucia Harrison. "Of great concern to us is the breakdown of political discourse resulting from stonewalling and obstructive tactics. We long for in-depth, respectful conversation about complex issues. While searching for visual archetypal symbols of cooperation, we discovered the handshake, a gesture of reciprocity. We paired our own text with John Bulwer’s images from The Natural Language of the Hand (1644), the first scientific study of hand gestures. We altered an 18th century handwritten contract to signify the social contract between governments and their people. As the contract begins, various shades of gray and black weave through a stable structure with cooperative hand gestures, a demonstration of the balance of expression necessary for a democracy. As the book progresses the weaving begins to fall apart, gestures and text become hostile. The contract ends as two opposing opinions dominate. We bound hands as book covers. We untie our hands each time we open the book and examine the issue."


"Ballot BOX" by Bonnie Thompson Norman "Ballot BOX" by Bonnie Thompson Norman. "It may come as a surprise to learn the right to vote is not explicitly stated nor provided for in the United States Constitution. Rather, this right has been shaped by Amendments, Congressional legislation, judicial review, and requirements and restrictions enacted by the States. For me, voting is a fundamental and cherished expression of patriotism and democracy. By casting my vote, I am connected to the principals of Government of the People, by the People and for the People. However, laws and regulations regarding voting rights are becoming more restrictive and onerous. Ballot BOX is both a literal and symbolic representation of a right that should be available to all Americans but which is being increasingly threatened and eroded. It contains a riddle and quotes from historical and literary figures on the subject of voting. Most importantly, it includes general information on voter eligibility and registering to vote. I hope Ballot BOX will both inform and inspire people to do just that."


"Keep the Change" by Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring "Keep the Change" by Chandler O'Leary and Jessica Spring. "We created our 16th Dead Feminist broadside in honor of the 2012 election (which also marked the 4th anniversary of our series) and the right and responsibility to vote. We used bright, period colors as an homage to Shirley Chisholm’s 1972 Presidential campaign, as well as her own impeccable style and substance. The edition of 152 prints represents the number of electoral delegates Shirley gathered during her campaign. Besides being the first serious female presidential candidate, Shirley Chisholm was also the first African-American woman elected to Congress. She represented New York’s 12th Congressional District, one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. So, to help continue Shirley’s long-term service to her home city, we donated a portion of our proceeds to Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration, in recognition of the importance of serving a community long after the disaster relief efforts have ended."