Human Rights

Book art about human rights -

"Human Rights Overture" by Lin Charlston. "I was already researching human rights when I was inspired by Richard Hamilton’s probing use of mediated imagery at his retrospective at Tate Modern in early 2014. Human Rights Overture (UDHR) brings together the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a photo montage based largely on random photographs of TV News. The combination reveals a frightening gap between the high-flown principles of the UDHR and the realities that seep through the juddering, out-of-focus images. My own mask-like face looks inappropriately benign as I toy with the profoundly disturbing idea of identifying with some of the faces in the crowd. Are the people fighting for human rights or preventing them? I have chosen a sober and painstaking book structure to offset the more playful aspects of my approach to this serious question."


"TRASH" by Ann Coombs. "People are not disposable. TRASH engages viewers for one second, allowing just enough time for them to recognize, either intentionally or subliminally, who they choose to discard. In the illustration that progresses through this flip book, the trash transforms into a discarded person. I wanted to draw attention to the people we throw away everyday, kick to the curb and expect others to collect and remove from our sight. All artist proceeds from the sale of TRASH go towards human reclamation."