Domestic Violence

Book art about domestic violence -

"Safe Distance" by Kate Boyes. "Safe Distance explores a surreal phenomenon: the conscious or subconscious creation by an individual of a profound disconnect between the mind and the body. Some people who experience prolonged physical violence and abuse use this as a survival technique. I used the technique to survive a violent relationship. Living in my mind was the only way I could cope when everything about my physical existence hurt. Both the violence and the phenomenon have lasting effects, and survivors are often described as closed up, bristly, perpetually on edge. Those descriptors guided my construction of the book. A strap holds the book tightly closed and makes a ripping sound when opened; pointed sweet gum pods poke the hand slightly when the book is held; and the strap holds the book on edge when it is on display. The text for Safe Distance is a poem I wrote while experiencing the mind-body disconnect."


"Fragile Gains" by Fiona Dempster "Fragile Gains" by Fiona Dempster. "In my mind, many of the gains women have made remain fragile and require vigilance to ensure that they are not lost. In many places, the gains really are fragile and can be lost through a change in government or through less than democratic processes. These fragile, burnt pages leave behind reminders of the gains we need to safeguard. The strength and resilience of the metal confirms for us the strength and resilience of women."



"Self Soothing" by Ian Hampton. "This book was created as a response to the trauma of male rape. I thought about rape, and from this single word, began collecting images and other words. The images came out as a stream of consciousness, each connecting to the last by a thread. The images are tied together into a circle, indicating how they keep repeating."


"my not so ordinary life" by Christine Wagner "my not so ordinary life" by Christine Wagner. I created this book as part of a series of books that examines my personal experience with domestic violence. Through vellum pages with calligraphy typed text, wax and burning, I tell the story of a camping trip one August weekend that changed my life and almost ended it as well. Intertwined within my story are the statistics of those that share a similar experience.