Past Programs

Caring for our elders, caring for ourselves

Our vision is to change the narrative of aging in Pierce County from one of “a problem to be solved” to one of “a rich opportunity to be lived for everyone involved.”

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Educational Achievement and Assessment

The University of Puget Sound has long been concerned with improving educational outcomes.  An important element in the School of Education’s mission is to train and educate teachers and administrators who can improve educational outcomes for students from kindergarten through high school.

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Latin in Schools

In partnership with Oakland High School and Tacoma Public Schools, Classics professor Bill Barry has led a team of Puget Sound students to teach elementary Latin to high school students.

Nearshore Habitat Restoration in Puget Sound

The marine waters of Puget Sound are dynamic and contain a wide diversity of organisms. Professor Joel Elliott and his students are actively involved in the study of various aspects of Puget Sound marine life. One of their projects is to examine the distribution and abundance of eel grass in nearshore habitats.

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Physician Lifelong Learner Program

This program joins members of the university's faculty with members of the Pierce County Medical Society with the intent of sharing the university's wisdom on a variety of social, cultural, scientific, and political issues with the physicians that primarily serve the Pierce County area.

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Pierce County Economic Index

Economics professors Bruce Mann and Douglas Goodman have been preparing the Pierce County Economic Index (PCEI) for nearly 20 years. The PCEI is an 18-month forward-looking forecast for the overall economy, labor market conditions, income, and housing activity.

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Senior University

Senior University offers a wide array of educational, cultural, social, and wellness programming with a focus on topics of interest to area adults 55+.

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Tacoma Entrepreneur Network (TEN)

Prof. Lynnette Claire has created the Tacoma Entrepreneur Network (TEN) across the University of Puget Sound, the University of Washington Tacoma, Pacific Lutheran University and Evergreen State Tacoma as the first step in helping Tacoma become more entrepreneurial.

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Theatre, Community, and Collaboration

The experience of theater enriches both the campus environment and the quality of life in the South Sound. The university's Department of Theatre Arts actively engages with the local performing arts community to develop programs and opportunities in "community theater." Through its efforts the department helps to support a vibrant and innovative cultural environment for our area.

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The Road Home: Homeless Policy for Pierce County

Working with the Pierce County Department of Community Services and the Road Home Leadership Team, Professors Rich Anderson-Connolly, Renee Houston, and Carolyn Weisz provided research assistance using a systems-based approach to better understand the local homeless population: how the public views homelessness, how it is framed by the media, and what the homeless have to share about their experiences.

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Transfer of Development Rights

It seems every new building going up in Tacoma these days is a condo. Part of that may be related to the fine work Cascade Land Conservancy is doing on open space preservation in Pierce County. With the population set to double in our region over the next century, we need to start getting creative about urban development while protecting our natural areas and respecting the rights of property owners.

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