Get Involved with CSI

The Civic Scholarship Initiative (CSI) aims to connect University of Puget Sound students and faculty to the greater Tacoma community. Through partnering and building relationships with community partners and/or organizations - students as well as community members work collectively on projects of great concern and importance through mutual established goals and outcomes. Students will learn 1) the process of implementing a project for organizations 2) connect and learn real-world experiences 3) support and connect to the greater Tacoma community.

Civic Scholarship Initiative Hub

Building on the initial mission of Civic Scholarship Initiative, the CSI Hub provides funding for students to work closely with regional organizations by identifying projects that provide real-world opportunities to engage in the local community and support the achievement of organization-defined goals. 

Pathways of Public Service & Civic Engagement

The Pathways of Public Service & Civic Engagement champions the interdependent nature to make a contribution to the common good. From direct service to social entrepreneurship & corporate social responsibility, students can find various opportunities relating to public service and civic engagement. 

Peer Advisors

With various opportunities available, it can be exciting and overwhelming to navigate. Meet with Civic Scholarship Initiative Peer Advisors for advice and assistance exploring public service opportunities.

Previous CSI Participants

View previous CSI participants and their experience within the Civic Scholarship Initiative.