Civic Scholarship Initiative Programs

Freedom Education Project Puget Sound (FEPPS)

FEPPS provides a rigorous accredited college program to incarcerated women in Washington and creates pathways to educational opportunity after women are released from prison.

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The Civic Scholarship Initiative Hub (CSI Hub)

The CSI Hub provides funding to student proposed projects. These projects in turn support the local Tacoma community and its efforts to uplift various groups and organizations.

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Math Circles

Math Circles is a partnership with the Tacoma Urban League targeted to 4th to 6th grade girls and facilitated by Puget Sound math professor David Scott. The program focuses on building young girls confidence in math and to work on positive self-esteem through leadership and service learning projects.

McCarver Day at Puget Sound

An outgrowth from the Zina Linnik Initiative, during McCarver Day at Puget sound, professors Monica DeHart and Amy Ryken work with classes at McCarver Elementary to bring the students to campus and interact with classes.

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Support for Wayzgoose

Under the tutelage of professor Janet Marcavage, Puget Sound students provide instruction on print making to community members attending this annual festival in Tacoma.

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Symposium on Neuroethics

With this symposium, we are Interrogating Identities and hope to engage in a conversation about the ethical issues regarding diverse topics such as mental health, spinal cord injury rehabilitation, brain-brain interfaces and brain research on gender/socioeconomics.

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