Foreign Language Substitution

Foreign Language Substitution

Students seeking a foreign language substitution: 

  1. Provide documentation of a learning disability that affects the ability to learn a foreign language to the Director of the Office of Accessibility and Accommodations.  The documentation must be current, thorough, and prepared by an appropriate and qualified diagnostic professional.  For details on documentation requirements see: Documentation of a Learning Disability.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the Director to discuss reasonable accommodations.
  3. If the accommodation of a foreign language substitution is approved, SAA will notify the Registrar and you will be directed to meet with Academic Advising to discuss appropriate substitution courses. Below is a list of some options. The goal is to take two courses that provide knowledge about a foreign culture.

Foreign Language Substitution Pre-Approved Options

Students shall select two courses from any one area:

Chinese Civilization:   
ART 278 Survey of Asian Art
HIST 245 Chinese Civilization
HIST 246 Chinese History 1600 to the Present
REL 234 Chinese Religious Tradition

Japanese Civilizations:
ART 278 Survey of Asian Art
HIST 247 Japanese Tradition
HIST 248 Modern Japan
REL 233 Japanes Religious Tradition

CLSC 210 Greek Mythology
CLSC 211 Ancient Greece
CLSC 212 Roman History
CLSC 222 Greco-Roman World
CLSC 225 Gender and Tradition in Rome
CLSC 230 Classical Tradition
HUM 210 Power and Culture in Periclean Athens and Augustan Rome

REL212 Islam
REL221 Jihad and Islam

Latin America:
LAS 100 Introduction to Latin American Studies
HIST 280 Colonial Latin America
HIST281 Modern Latin America

Ancient Israel:
REL 200 History and Literature of Ancient Israel
REL 201 History and Literature of the New Testament