Flexibility in Attendance and Assignment Due Dates

The accommodation of Flexibility in Attendance & Assignment Due Dates is confusing to both faculty and students. The illustrated form below has been created to clarify the meaning of this accommodation and establish an agreement between the instructor and student about the extent of flexibility, and notification requirements, for each course. When a student meets with you to complete the form, please carefully read and discuss it before signing.


Flexibility in Attendance & Assignment Due Dates

Instructor ____________ Student __SAMPLE________________ Fall ____ Spring _____

Course ________________________________________________________________________

Student Instructions

1.       Notify your instructor that you have a flexibility accommodation for a potential disability related episode that prevents you from attending class or meeting a due date. Give them this form and schedule an appointment to discuss a plan. Your instructor will need time to consider how flexible they can be before absences or late work affect your class performance and grade. ______ (Student initial)

2.       When you meet with your instructor, make sure that you understand what is expected of you in the event that you are unable to attend class or complete an assignment because of a disability related event. ______ (Student initial)

3.       All students must keep up with the course requirements such as peer review work, completion of essays and homework, group work, projects, labs and class participation. If you cannot reach this level of engagement, then you are not well-enough to take this course. ______ (Student initial)


Faculty Instructions

This student has a disability that may involve brief episodes of symptoms that could interfere with meeting due dates and attending, class. Please read what the student has initialed above. Although the student is eligible to receive consideration of flexibility, as the instructor, you are asked to consider what constitutes a "reasonable" amount of flexibility. Therefore, considering your course objectives, syllabus, class activities and learning goals, please determine the amount of flexibility that will be allowed before penalties, outlined in the syllabus for all students, will be applied.

If you are receiving this form after a student has already had multiple absences or late work, and you feel the student is not meeting the academic standards of your course, then you can deny further accommodation.

The Flexibility Plan

Communication requirement for an absence 


Communication requirement for an assignment extension


Absence on exam or presentation day

Assignments due within 3 or less days of prompt



MAXIMUM # OF ABSENCES without grade penalty

Date __________ Instructor Signature ________________________ Student Signature ___________________________

Both instructor and student sign the form. Student MUST return a signed copy to the SAA office within 3 days of completion or as soon as reasonably possible


Peggy Perno, Director of Student Accessibility and Accommodation

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this in more detail. pperno@pugetsound.edu T. 253.879.3396