Resident Members

Greta Austin Religious Studies & Gender and Queer Studies
William Barry Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
William Beardsley Philosophy, Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Natasha Bennett Politics & Government
David Beers Vice President for University Relations
Mike Benveniste English
Janessa Beringer Facilities Services
Peggy Burge Collins Memorial Library
Julie Nelson Christoph English & Associate Dean's Office
Isiaah Crawford University President
Erin Colbert-White Psychology
Rachel DeMotts Environmental Policy and Decision Making
Brad Dillman International Political Economy
Sara Freeman Theatre Arts
Poppy Fry History
Cynthia Gibson Mathematics & Computer Science
Barry Goldstein Geology
Andrew Gomez Humanities
Alison Tracy Hale 
Bill Haltom
Politics & Government
John Hanson
Nick Kontogeorgopoulos 
International Political Economy
David Latimer
Aislinn Melchior
Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Sarah Moore 
Jennifer Neighbors
Eric Orlin
Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Dawn Padula
Rachel Pepper
Jacob Price Mathematics & Computer Science
Elise Richman
Steve Rodgers
Foreign Languages & Literature
Brett Rogers
Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Amy Ryken
School of Education
Eric Scharrer
Rachael Shelden Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching
Katherine Smith
David Sousa
Politics & Government
Kristen Spiese 
Technology Services
Justin Tiehen
Alexa Tullis
Carolyn Weisz
Lisa Wood
David Wright
University Chaplain
Sheryl Zylstra
School of Occupational Therapy


Emeriti Members

Frank Danes Professor Emeritus of Physics
Tom Davis Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Mott Greene Professor Emeritus Science & Values and Honors Program
Peter Greenfield Professor Emeritus of English
Cathy Hale 
Professor Emerita of Psychology
Bob Matthews 
Professor Emeritus Mathematics & Computer Science
Ily Nagy Professor Emerita of Art
Phillip Phibbs Professor Emeritus and President Emeritus (1973–1992)
Bev Pierson Professor Emerita of Biology

Mike Segawa Division of Student Affairs
Bryan Smith Professor Emeritus of Mathematics & Computer Science
Ted Taranovski Professor Emeritus of History
Ronald Thomas Professor Emeritus and President Emeritus (2003-2016)
David Tinsley Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages & Literature
Michael Veseth 
Professor Emeritus of International Political Economy
Paula Wilson Professor Emerita of School of Business & Leadership

Charter Members of 1986