Loggers Eat Green

"Is it sustainable?" is an increasingly important question to raise when it comes to agriculture and how we eat. Sustainable agriculture enables us to produce healthy food without compromising future generations' ability to do the same. Here at Puget Sound, we are making institutional choices to source our food sustainably, while also encouraging students, staff, and faculty to make conscious decisions about their food choices.

Food Justice

Food justice is when a community exercises their right to grow, sell, and/or eat healthy food. It relies on sustainable food sourcing, as well as increased access to affordable and nutritious meals. The Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement (CICE) has established various programs that promote food justice. To learn more, please visit their webpage.

The Puget Sound Garden

The Puget Sound Garden is a space for individuals to come together to share a love of fresh, local food. Some food that is grown in the garden makes its way to the Diner to be served in meals. The garden is a way for students to get their hands dirty, learn sustainable gardening techniques, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. To learn more about the Puget Sound Garden, please click here.

Sustainability at the Diner

The Diner supports local farming as well as companies that make sustainability a priority. The Diner utilizes many local businesses and farms to aid in achieving that goal. In addition, there are several features of the Diner itself that promotes the sustainable production of food and limits food waste. To learn more about sustainability in the Diner, visit their webpage.