While it is easy for us to jump into our cars and drive to school or work, there are more sustainable methods of making your morning commute to the Puget Sound campus.


Taking the bus is fun, easy, and convenient. If you live in another city, consider taking a Sound Transit express bus to Tacoma. If you live in the city, the Pierce Transit bus system is sure to get you to campus. Whether you frequent the bus often, or ride it occasionally, it is in your best interest to acquire an ORCA Card. An ORCA Card is a regional bus pass that works just like cash, except it tracks your fares and transfers automatically. You can find out more information about them here, or you can rent one from the ASUPS office in Wheelock 210.


If you really need a car, whether it be for transporting groceries or convenience, consider renting a Zipcar. Zipcar is a car sharing program that allows you to reserve cars by the hour or day, all for one low rate. Puget Sound has five Zipcars that are available for rental. To become a Puget Sound Zipcar member, click here.


Have your own car? Know of someone in your area that is also commuting to Puget Sound? Consider carpooling! Carpooling has been known to reduce the stress of the daily commute, as well as reduce congestion on our roads and highways. 


Walking to and around campus is an easy way to ditch the car and benefit from additional exercise. We have the luxury of a campus that is small enough to walk across in a reasonable amount of time. Take advantage of that and resist the urge to hop into your car and drive to the SUB - your body and the planet will thank you later. Remember that it's important to stay safe when walking around campus. If you feel uncomfortable walking alone, you can contact Security Services for an escort.


Biking to and around the Puget Sound campus is fun and easy. Many residence halls have indoor bike storage rooms, along with many bike racks spread throughout campus. Take a look at our sustainability map to see where the bike racks are located.