Commuter Profiles

Belinda TimpkeThe Two-legged Commute
Interview with Belinda Timpke, Administrative Assistant
Dec. 20, 2010

“Of the roughly 700 faculty and staff members at University of Puget Sound, more than 25 percent live within just one mile of campus. If you were to plot this data on a map, there would be so many dots within that one-mile radius that the only exposed piece of land would be the campus itself. Belinda Timpke is one of those dots. A Tacoma native, Belinda remembers riding the bus to Stadium High School, and always wanted to get a ...”

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A Born-Mott Greeneagain Commuter
Interview with Mott Greene, John Magee Professor of Science and Values
Dec. 6, 2010

“Today we’re going to go solve the problem that Zipcar solved for me,” Professor Greene shares. We hop into the eggplant-colored Scion XB and rev off campus.

As we cruise down Alder Street, Greene explains that as secretary of the Faculty Club it is his responsibility to purchase supplies for the end-of-year faculty party. “I used to think, well how am I going to do this? I’m going to have to get someone to drive me,” he says. “Then I ...”

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Michal Morrison-KerrThere’s a Cyclist in the Science Lab
Interview with Michal Morrison-Kerr, biology stores coordinator
Oct. 28, 2010

When the gas prices rose to more than $2 a gallon, I decided that I was going to try biking to work,” Michal Morrison-Kerr explained. “The first time I rode to work I said, ‘What was I thinking?’ it’s gotten easier and better since."

Morrison-Kerr is the biology stores coordinator at Puget Sound and has been riding her bike to work for the past six years. Her commute is 20 miles round trip.

From a campus where more than 25 percent of faculty and staff members live within one mile of their worksite, yet more than 75 percent drive alone to work every day, Michal represents a small but determined percentage that chooses to ...”

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Sean Vincent

The Triathlete Commuter
Interview with Sean Vincent, Director, University Relations Information Services
Spring 2011

As he packs his bag, Sean Vincent completes a quick checklist: rain pants, umbrella, change of shoes, laptop, headphones… “You have to be a little bit of a Boy Scout," he says. "You’re always prepared.” Sean then starts his multimodal triathlon of a commute...

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