Carpooling to Puget SoundRidesharing

Ever wish you had someone to chat with during your morning commute, or at least to help you foot the gas bill? Give ridesharing a try! Ridesharing has been proven to help reduce stress, save money, and reduce congestion on our roads and highways.


Carpooling today is easier than ever. Check out the map to the right; it shows where each Puget Sound faculty and staff member commutes from, identifying clusters of employees that may be suitable for ridesharing. Find your dot, and see if there is a co-worker near you who may be interested in sharing a ride. New carpools can request their very own carpool parking space in one of the parking lots on campus. Learn more by visiting the parking map.


Similar to carpooling, vanpooling is a great way to share your commute and save money. Transit agencies, such as Pierce Transit, Intercity Transit, and King County Metro Transit, have hundreds of vehicles available for use by commuters. Simply sign up for an existing vanpool or start your own—the transit company supplies the vehicle and pays for gas, insurance, and maintenance. You just pay a monthly fare based on the number of riders and your commute distance.


RideshareOnline is the regional resource for finding carpool and vanpool partners. Enter information about your commute and it will search for potential rideshare partners who have a similar schedule and route. If you don't have a car or always want to drive, you can specify driver/rider preferences. Even if you can't rideshare on a regular basis, RideshareOnline can help you find carpool partners for one-time events, such as a Sounders game, skiing at Mt. Baker, or a concert.