Whether you ride a mountain bike, a fixie, or a tandem recumbent, bicycling is a great way to get to, from, and around campus. 

Biking is a viable option for students, faculty, and staff at Puget Sound due to the surrounding area's flat landscape and low traffic.

Live too far away to bike to campus? Consider combining your bike trip with the bus, train, or ferry.

Health and Environmental Benefits

Biking has been shown to reduce cholesterol and the risk of strokes and heart attacks and to lower blood pressure. A low-impact sport compared to jogging or running, it also helps you maintain a healthy weight, decreasing your chances of developing diabetes. Biking is virtually a carbon-free commute option, and helps prevent harmful greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere.

Choosing a Route and Staying Safe

When biking to campus, choose a route that is bike friendly. Look for roads with bike lanes or wide shoulders, or use multiuse trails, such as the Scott Pierson. If hills, inclement weather, or a long day make bicycling unpleasant, put your bike on the bus for an easy ride home. Plan your route with the Pierce County bike map.

Always wear a helmet; it's required by law. Wear light-colored or reflective clothing and use as many lights as possible (clip-on LEDS are available at Security Services). Remember to carry a lock with you, and register your bike to mitigate theft.

Showers and Facilities

Showers and changing rooms are available in the Warner Gym locker rooms and the locker rooms on the main floor of Memorial Fieldhouse. Bike racks are available outside the following campus buildings: Collins Memorial Library, Harrington Hall, Howarth Hall (back), Jones Hall, Memorial Fieldhouse and Tennis Pavillion, Music Building, Thompson Hall, Wallace Pool, Wheelock Student Center, and Wyatt Hall (west).