Earth Day

Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with us this year virtually! Check out our Earth Day webpage to learn more about sustainability, find out ways to get involved, and participate in a virtual tree planting.

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Sustainability at Puget Sound

University of Puget Sound integrates a sustainable agenda into the everyday lives of the students, staff members, and faculty members belonging to the campus community. Individuals can have a great impact when they reorient their daily habits to revolve around more cyclical and environmentally aware practices.

Loggers Live Green is the symbol of the university's continuing commitment to sustainability. While striving to act sustainably as an institution, Puget Sound encourages behavioral sustainability in all members of the campus community.

Loggers Live GreenSustainability is everywhere!

For more information about how to become more environmentally active or to learn more about environmental programs and events on campus, take a look through our site, and sign up for our monthly campus sustainability newsletter, the Recycled Rag.

Wondering where to find all of this on campus? Check out our Campus Sustainability Map! This interactive map is a great way to familiarize yourself with the sustainable resources available on campus. 

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