The Puget Sound Alumni Fund

Every year, every Puget Sound story begins with you. Enterprising students who advance the common good; faculty who explore new frontiers; programs that set new standards—all of these stories are written by donors who give to Puget Sound every year. The next chapter in the story of Puget Sound starts now. Your gift every year makes it possible.

The Puget Sound Alumni Fund affords bright, talented men and women the opportunity to receive an education of the highest quality in the liberal arts and sciences. Without the support of thousands of alumni, an education at the University of Puget Sound would not be possible for many deserving students.

Thanks to the participation of 3,572 alumni who have supported the Alumni Fund, the University of Puget Sound has received $1,559,186 as of June 30, 2019, providing support for the university's greatest needs.

Your Alumni Fund gift supports every aspect of a Puget Sound education. You can choose how:

  • Area of Greatest Need: Support the university’s most critical needs—financial aid, faculty-student research, academic programs, technology, and much more.
  • Alumni Fund Scholarship: Help ensure that all talented and deserving students can attend Puget Sound, regardless of their financial means.
  • Faculty Support: Support Puget Sound’s greatest asset. Help attract and retain top talent, and provide funds for research, mentorship, and sabbaticals.
  • Academic Program: Support our 24/7 learning environment, including a diverse and challenging curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, academic-residential programs, and more.
  • Student Life: Contribute to the unique Puget Sound experience by supporting orientation programs, residence life, and cocurricular leadership opportunities.
  • Campus Enrichment and Maintenance: Help enhance the character of our campus and support the growing needs of our residential students.


Your support makes a powerful difference! Begin your Puget Sound story and make a gift to the Alumni Fund today.