Acknowledgement Procedures

The Office Manager in Capital & Planned Giving is “point person” for gifts of stock. Development Officers should alert her when they are made aware of a pending stock gift. All acknowledgments for gifts of stock originate from the Capital & Planned Giving office within five days of receipt of the security. A thank you letter should contain: # of shares; value of the stock; receipt; purpose of gift; IRS form 8283; recommendation to check with a tax advisor; cc to the development officer assigned to the donor.

step 1. Gift processing
step 2. Back-up to Capital & Planned Giving for thank you letter.
step 3. If gift is for the Puget Sound Fund and/or gift is $1K+ backup goes to Annual Giving. 

Recording guidelines require a separate receipt for each fund to which donations are made. When donors want their gifts divided between two or more funds, they should receive all receipts with the thank you letter. At the development officer’s request, gift processing will produce a single combined receipt. Acknowledgment for the entire gift should come from development officer responsible for the gift.

step 1. Gift processing
step 2. All backup goes to the development officer assigned to donor.
step 3. If part of the gift is for the Puget Sound Fund and is $1,000 or more, standard Annual Giving gift procedures apply. The development officer forwards the backup (minus the receipts) to Annual Giving even before the thank you letter is written.

All memorial gift acknowledgments are sent by Capital & Planned Giving, regardless of purpose. 

step 1. Capital & Planned Giving
step 2 Gift processing
step 3. All backup goes to Capital & Planned Giving. A receipt is sent to the donor and the memorial family is notified.
step 4. Capital & Planned Giving coordinates with Annual Giving staff to ensure backup for ALL gifts for Puget Sound Fund, ALL gifts from a trustee, ALL gifts in memory of a trustee, and all $100,000+ gifts to the Puget Sound Fund. (The Annual Giving Office coordinates with Donor Relations to ensure weekly acknowledgment letters are sent from the President.)