Central File

We include an ever-increasing amount of information in the Millennium database, and link all current data directly to constituent records, but contact staff should note that prior to FY2005-06, most data was maintained in separate hard-copy files.  More commonly referred to as "Central File," the data in these file folders remains a common repository of historical information.

We all share the Central File resource and benefit from its maintenance. Please follow one cardinal rule when using Central File: always use an out-card when you remove a file. These file-folder sized orange and white printed cards are located on top of, or near, the file cabinets. As you remove a file, write down your initials, the name of the file you are taking, and the date. Insert this card in place of the file when you remove the folder from the file cabinet. You are required to replace the file in its proper location after you are finished with it and only then should you remove your out-card.

Only the files of active constituents are maintained in the Research office; all other files are boxed and stored in the Central File Archive.

The Central File index is maintained in Millennium. The existence of a physical central file is denoted under Research Source (accessible under Tracking) in Millennium. A Millennium report is available that selects all constituents listed in the Central File index. The report is entitled "Central File" and is available under the Run Reports option in the Tracking category in the Research group  in Millennium.


Central File Policies
A. Central File is the property of the Office of University Relations. All information contained within the files of Central File is strictly confidential. Only OUR staff members and students working in collaboration with OUR staff members have access, unless arrangements are made with the Vice President of University Relations or the Director of University Relations Information Services. No files will leave the university's campus.

B. Central File is open during normal business hours. After normal work hours Central File will be locked. Arrangements can be made for after hours and weekend use through the Director of University Relations Information Services.

C. Every file will be checked out using the out-cards kept in the Central File area and must be noted with the date, the file, and the person who will be reviewing the file. The user's name must be recorded on the out-card. Do not remove a file from Central File without using an out-card.

D. No new information should be added to Central File. Information of the type originally tracked in Central File began to be linked directly to selected constituent's records in FY2002-03. This policy was formalized in FY2005-06 and from that time forward all historical data should be found linked directly to Millennium records.