Puget Sound Women's League

Puget Sound Women's League

In 2017, the Women's League raised over $30,000 for student scholarships. We are proud to support these talented young people! Won't you join us?

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Women's League

Formed in 1900, the University of Puget Sound Women’s League is a community of women who raise funds to provide scholarships that support the educational goals of University of Puget Sound students.

"At the 2017 Fieldhouse Flea Market, we raised over $30,000 for our scholarship fund. Beyond their philanthropic activities on behalf of Puget Sound students, our members are simply a wonderful and interesting group of accomplished alumnae, spouses of alumni, current and retired staff members, friends of the college, and parents of students." Sue Daniels, Women’s League President 2014-2018

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Attend a Member's Luncheon
Curious about the Women's League? We invite you to attend* one of our luncheon meetings!

Members gather throughout the school year for lunch, where we are treated to musical performances by students and learn from campus speakers about some of the activities of a nationally recognized liberal arts institution. Following lunch, we conduct a business meeting.

Mark your calendar for our 2018-2019 meetings, typically held in the basement of Kilworth Chapel from 11:30 a.m.—1:30 p.m. on the last Wednesday of the month. A $7 donation is requested to help cover the expense of lunch.

2018: September 26 and October 31
2019: January 30, February 27, March 27, and April 24

*Puget Sound Dining & Conference Services caters our luncheons. So that they can plan to provide the appropriate amount of food, luncheon reservations are required a week in advance. (Once you join, you'll receive email reminders about meetings that prompt you to RSVP. If you're attending as the guest of a member, they will RSVP on your behalf. If you're attending on your own, and aren't yet a member, please send us an email.)

The Women's University League at the University of Puget Sound was formed in 1900 to support the university. Our fund raising efforts throughout the years have provided a variety of aid to the school.

The early history of the League includes providing financial assistance for a building fund overdraft in 1903 and establishing a Home Economics Department.

When Dr. and Mrs. Todd came to Puget Sound in 1913, Mrs. Todd quickly became active in the League. Soon thereafter, a new heating plant was needed for the girls' dormitory on the old campus, and the Women's League gave $450 toward it.

During these early days, the Women's League also supported female graduates, who at that time wore white dresses instead of caps and gowns. The League made these dresses, as some girls could not afford to buy one.

In 1931 the sum of $5,180 raised by the League was given to the trustees to be used as part of a fund to be matched by the Rockefeller Foundation. Around this time, there was a room in Jones Hall, called the YWCA Room, maintained by the League. Old treasury books show numerous disbursements from the League for refurbishing this room, which was used by women students for meetings.

When the first women's residence hall, Anderson Hall, was opened for occupancy on February 1, 1939, it was furnished entirely by the League.

Since that time, the League has pledged to numerous projects on campus. They furnished the lounge of the first men's dormitory, Todd Hall. They pledged $5,000 to furnish the lounge of the new Music Building. Next came $2,500 for a patio and landscaping in front of Anderson Hall. A pledge of $3,300 was made to each of the next two residence halls.

This was accomplished by loyal and devoted women working to sell tickets to concerts, lectures, fashion shows, rummage sales, two editions of a cookbook, and now, since 1968, the annual flea market.

A common goal has bound the women into a loving, warm group to which they welcome any and all who care to be a part of this wonderful organization.