Clarence Rausch

Rausch Auditorium in McIntyre Hall, Room 003
"Clarence George Rausch, the son of a poor farmer, grew to be one of the most respected and successful men in his city's world of business. Although his formal education carried him only to the completion of high school, his searching mind took him on to great depths in many fields. Through his own efforts, he became certified as a public accountant and headed a large firm which was known throughout the state of Ohio. He was a quiet man, a scrupulously honest man; and his strength of character was a constant example to me. Undoubtedly because of his own struggles to educate himself, a liberal education for everyone became one of his strongest convictions. Any desire that I have for knowledge, any excitement of discovery--I attribute to his wise leading. Therefore, it is with deep respect and humility that I give this room in memory of my father. I know that his hope would be that what is learned here would serve only to challenge and stimulate further education."

--Susan Rausch Misner

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