Policies & Procedures

To ensure that campus grant activity is communicated to and coordinated with the Office of University Relations (OUR), the Office of Finance, and the academic dean, and that all grant proposals meet the highest standards of the university, please follow these procedures when applying for grants:

  1. First, seek approval from your department chair or department head.
  2. Notify your division vice president, OUR (Corporate and Foundation Relations), and the Office of Finance of your intention to apply for funding by completing the grant notification form and submitting it electronically.
  3. Contact a senior accountant in the Office of Finance for salary and benefit calculations and to coordinate review of your proposed budget. The senior accountant is responsible for coordinating review of proposal budgets including classification of individuals as employees or independent contractors for payment and tax reporting. The senior accountant will also obtain Human Resources and/or Career and Employment Services for determination or confirmation of proposed salaries.
  4. After completing the grant proposal:
    a. Submit government grant proposals to the senior accountant in the Office of Finance. The senior accountant will route federal grant proposals for review and approval by the academic dean or other responsible division vice president, the associate vice president and controller, and the vice president for finance and administration.
    b. Submit all non-government proposals to the director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, OUR. The director of Corporate and Foundation Relations will route non-federal proposals for review and approval prior to sending the application to the funding source. Private grant proposals that include cost-sharing using Puget Sound funds need to be approved by the vice president for finance and administration after review by the associate vice president and controller prior to final submission to the funding agency.
    c. Please allow 10 business days for review and approval. Proposals allowing less time cannot be guaranteed approval.
  5. Once you receive funding, please deliver all government grant awards to the senior accountant in the Office of Finance. The senior accountant will request a new grant fund to track the grant within the accounting system.
  6. Notification of all non-government grant awards and contributions must be delivered to OUR for deposit, acknowledgment, and reporting. OUR will record and acknowledge all private grant funds, coordinate press releases, and notify the principal investigator (PI) and project manager of grant reporting requirements.
  7. Grant PIs and project managers are responsible for completing all required grant reports in coordination with the Office of Finance (for government grants) and OUR (for private grants). Reports will be submitted to the responsible division vice president and OUR (private) or the Office of Finance (government) for review before being submitted to the funding agency. Please allow 5 business days for review and approval of reports.