vDesk Information

Introducing the NEW vDesk

Puget Sound's new virtual desktop will be available to campus users beginning on Wednesday, April 12th. The new interface looks exactly like a Windows 10 desktop and contains the same applications and features as the previous version.

The new vDesk provides anytime, anywhere access to a wide range of software and tools, including Microsoft Office and discipline-specific applications such as Mathematica and SPSS. You can now access vDesk from Windows or Mac computers as well as iOS and Android Smartphones and tablets.

Faculty, staff, and students can access vDesk by navigating to https://vdesk.pugetsound.edu and following the steps below.

 Two Options to Choose From

The new vDesk can be accessed from any browser with no installation needed by going to https://vdesk.pugetsound.edu and clicking on VMware Horizon HTML Access. Click on the Faculty/Student Desktops button and the vDesk desktop will open.

The second option is to install the VMware Horizon Client on your computer or mobile device. Follow the detailed instructions below to install the client. This option will allow the program to be installed on your device to be accessed without using a browser.

 Install the VMware Horizon Client

 Go to https://vdesk.pugetsound.edu and click on Install VMware Horizon Client.

Download the appropriate Horizon Client for your computer or device. Click on Go to Downloads to retrieve the installation file. For Windows 10, do not install the UWP client.

Begin downloading the client by clicking on the Download button and then save and run the installation file.

Follow the setup instructions and drag the file to your applications folder if you are on a Mac computer. You may have to restart your computer if you are using Windows.

Find the newly installed VMware Horizon application and open it. Click on "+" to add a new server.

 Enter the name of the server - vdesk.pugetsound.edu.

Enter your Puget Sound login and password.

Windows 10 will create your profile and there will be a series of Welcome to Windows screens the first time you use VMware Horizon.


For further assistance, please contact the Technology Service Desk by phone at 253.879.8585, by email at servicedesk@pugetsound.edu or by visiting the Tech Center in the basement of Collins Memorial Library.