Presentation Equipment

To reserve equipment, please contact Media Services at 253.879.3963,, or by visiting the Tech Center in Collins Library 018.


Data Projectors


Data projector

Each projector comes with two cables (VGA with audio, and a power cable). If you are using a Mac laptop, you may need to checkout a Mac adapter with the projector. There are projectors in many classrooms on campus, so you should see if your room already has one installed before arranging to borrow a portable projector.

Will you be using the data projector in Wheelock Student Center?  

For information on borrowing data projectors for use in Wheelock Student Center, please contact Sarah Comstock, Assistant Director of Student Activities, or 253.879.3236.

Portable Screens


Portable Screen

We have screens which can be used for any projected image from a data, slide, or overhead projector.

Currently we have 8 screens in our inventory:

  • 3 - 50 inch width
  • 3 - 60 inch width
  • 1 - 70 inch width
  • 1 - 84 inch width





Easels can be used for presentations and general display purposes.







Document Camera

Document Camera

We have Blu-Ray players, DVD players, and DVD/VCR combos. These include remotes. 











Allows projected viewing of documents and 3-dimensional objects.

PowerPoint Remote


PowerPoint Remote

A small handheld device for controlling PowerPoint presentations. Includes a laser pointer.

Personal Response System ("Clickers") 



We have 50 clickers and a computer-based receiver (Turning Point Technologies). 

A personal response system has three parts:

1. A Receiver: typically a small device with a radio receiver plugged into the instructor computer's USB port.

2. Clickers: typically one per student, they are handheld devices that can take organized or unorganized polls (anonymously or otherwise) in real time from a local audience.

3. Software: these systems typically interact with software like Microsoft PowerPoint as part of interactive presentations. To use the clickers, the TurningPoint software must be installed. Both the TurningPoint Windows version which integrates with PowerPoint and the TurningPoint AnyWhere (for Mac or Windows) are free downloads on the Turning Point website.

The software has been installed in the Lib 020 Presentation Room and in the Lib 118 Library Bibliographical Instruction room. If you want to try the system out, you can schedule one of these rooms.



Extension CordVGA cable

We have a variety of cables including power extension cords, VGA cables, HDMI cables, and ethernet cables.