Wyatt Hall

With a spectacular three story-window structure by internationally renowned glass artist (and former student) Dale Chihuly as its centerpiece, Wyatt Hall, a 51,000 square-foot academic building, houses nine departments in the humanities, 17 classrooms, and 70 faculty offices. More than half of Wyatt Hall’s classrooms are seminar style, accommodating the discussion-oriented teaching most common at Puget Sound. Wyatt Hall includes a state-of-the-art classroom for art history, a new foreign languages classroom, and several computer-enhanced classrooms. Wyatt Hall also features many public spaces for study and conversation.

Room Occupancy Laptop
WY-101 54 HDMI Room Computer ProjectorDocument Camera
WY-107 19 HDMI, VGA 50" LCD Display VCR DVD player
WY-109 63 HDMI, VGA Room Computer  Projector  VCR  DVD player  Document Camera
WY-201 20
(PC lab)
HDMI Room Computer  Projector    
WY-203 24
(PC lab)
HDMI, VGA Room Computer  Projector Blu-Ray Player
WY-204 23 HDMI Room Computer  Projector    
WY-206 19 HDMI Projector  Multi-Region DVD Support
WY-208 23 HDMI Room Computer  Projector  Multi-Region DVD Support
WY-209 20
(PC lab)
HDMI Room Computer  Projector    
WY-301 35 HDMI Room Computer  Projector    
WY-304 19 HDMI Room Computer  Projector  Blu-Ray Player
WY-305 19 HDMI Room Computer  Projector  Blu-Ray Player
WY-306 19 HDMI, VGA Projector  Blu-Ray Player
WY-307 35 HDMI Room Computer  Projector    
WY-308 23 HDMI Projector  
WY-311 19 HDMI Room Computer  Projector  Blu-Ray Player
WY-313 35 HDMI Room Computer  Projector