Thompson Hall

Thompson Hall is home to the departments of Mathematics and Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. Renovated in 2008, Thompson Hall is joined Harned Hall, forming the Science Center at Puget Sound. Thompson houses the Slater Museum of Natural History, a community resource open to students and neighbors containing the second largest collection of natural artifacts in the state of Washington.  Thompson Hall is full of nooks and crannies (and alcoves) perfect for private study or group discussions.  The facilities in Thompson Hall include laboratories for animal physiology, laser, fluid mechanics, X-ray, and science computing. In the center courtyard of Thompson Hall is Oppenheimer Cafe, a perfect place for coffee or study.

Room Occupancy Laptop
TH-109 20 VGA Projector
TH-115 20 VGA Projector
TH-153 32 VGA Room Computer Projector
TH-170 16    
TH-171 24 VGA Projector
TH-175 90 VGA Room Computer Projector VCR DVD player
TH-178 16    
TH-188 19 HDMI 50" LCD Display
TH-189 20
(PC & MAC Lab)
HDMI, VGA Projector
TH-191 24 VGA Projector
TH-193 60 VGA Room Computer Projector
TH-197 24 VGA Projector
TH-283 24 VGA Projector
TH-297 24 VGA Projector
TH-310 48 VGA Room Computer Projector VCR Blu-Ray Player
TH-374 24 VGA Room Computer Projector
TH-381 24 VGA Room Computer Projector
TH-383 40 VGA Room Computer Projector VCR DVD player
TH-387 40 VGA Room Computer Projector VCR DVD player
TH-391 48 VGA Room Computer Projector VCR DVD player
TH-395 56 HDMI Room Computer Projector
TH-399 24 VGA Room Computer Projector
TH-409 30 VGA Projector