Howarth Hall

Howarth Hall was once the original science facility, but is now home to the School of Education; the Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching; and Human Resources; in addition to several other administrative offices. The School of Education has one of the highest placement rates in the state of Washington for those who complete the Master of Arts in Teaching program. The Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching assists students with everything from organic chemistry exams and philosophy papers to fellowship applications. The Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching rewards exceptional undergraduate writing in a variety of disciplines with eight annual prizes funded by the Hearst Endowment for Writing.

Room Occupancy Laptop
HO-011 28 VGA Room Computer  Projector  VCR  Multi-Region DVD Support
HO-016   HDMI, VGA Room Computer  Projector
HO-201 30 HDMI Room Computer  Projector Document Camera
HO-203 30 HDMI Room Computer  Projector Document Camera
HO-212 36 HDMI Room Computer  Projector  VCR  DVD Player  Document Camera
HO-214 18   LCD Display VHS Player  DVD Player