Harned Hall

Designed to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Silver standards, using sustainable materials and adhering to stringent environmental guidelines, the 51,000-square-foot Harned Hall facilitates the contemporary study of science and encourages creative interaction among faculty and students, particularly at the intersection of various scientific disciplines. The building features laboratory spaces for the study of biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology, and physics. A key feature of Harned Hall is Science on Display, a series of physical installations and artistic representations of the principles of science, mathematics, and technology throughout the building.

Room Occupancy Laptop
HA-121 20 VGA Projector
HA-126 16 VGA Projector
HA-227 44 VGA Projector
HA-235 16 VGA Projector
HA-245 16 VGA Projector
HA-251 16 VGA Projector
HA-339 16 HDMI Projector
HA-347 20 VGA Projector
HA-351 20 VGA Projector