Checkout Equipment

Media Services features the following equipment. Some items are in high demand and may be unavailable at any given time.  

* These items can only be checked out with approval from Media Staff. Please contact before reserving in person. 

Audio Equipment and Hardware  

Microphones and Accessories

Shure SM-58 Microphones

Shure SM-57 Microphones

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Phoenix USB Microphone/Speaker

M-Audio Uber USB Microphone

Audio Technica Wireless Microphone Kit Pro88W

Podcast Station 

Tabletop Microphone Stands

Floor Microphone Stands

Audio Recording Devices  

Olympus Voice Recorder 

Zoom H6*

Audio Cables and Adapters 

XLR Cables

1/4" Balanced and Unbalanced Cables

3.5mm Cables

RCA Cables

Headphone Splitter Cables

1/4" F to 3.5mm M Adapter

3.5mm F to 1/4" M Adapter

Radial DI Box ProAV2 2-channel 


Mackie 8-Channel Mixer

Playback Systems and Powered Speakers 

JBL Eon One Pro - All-in-one PA System 

Fender PA Passport Series 2 

JBL SRX800 Powered Speaker


Kustom Speakers

Behringer MPA40BT-Pro portable PA system

Speaker Stands

Conference Phones 

Cisco Conference Phone/Station  

Cisco Microphone Extensions for Conference Phone


Photo/Video Equipment and Hardware 

Cameras, Camcorders and Accessories

Vixia Camcorders (R-80 Model) 

Canon Powershot

Sony Cyber-shot w180

Sony Cyber-shot h90

GoPro Hero 6*

Garmin VIRB 360 Camera*

Photo Tripods

Video Tripods

Tabletop Tripods


Playback Devices  

Sony Bluray Player

DVD/VHS Player


USB Card Reader

Folding Green Screen


Computers, Connection Adapters and Accessories  


Dell Laptops


VGA Adapters

HDMI Adapters

DVI Adapters

Display port Adapters


Bamboo Wacom Tablets

Logitech Webcams

Logitech Headsets


Computer Speakers

USB Extension Cables

Ethernet Cables

Presentation Remotes (Clicker)

Flash Drives

Apple USB Disc Drives

PC USB Disc Drives

Flash Drives


Projectors and Document Cameras

Hitachi Projectors - VGA Connection

Sanyo Projectors - VGA Connection

Sharp Projectors - VGA Connection

AverVision Document Cameras

Projector Screen - Tripod Stand Included



EXPO Markers

Power Extension Cables

Power Strips

Equipment Bags

Wireless Phone Charger