Audio Equipment

To reserve equipment, please contact Media Services at 253.879.3963,, or by visiting LIB060.



Handheld microphone

Our microphones have a three-pin connection to use with a microphone (XLR) cable. There is also a holder to connect the microphone to a microphone stand.


We also have wireless microphones to use for a hands-free presentation.



Microphone Stands


Mic stands

We have both floor stands and tabletop microphone stands.

Public Address Speakers


PA speaker


PA speaker

These are portable electronic amplification systems that can be used to amplify sound for large audiences. We also have stands for set up.

Conference Phone


We have conference phones to use for conference calls (includes a MeetMe number).


We have various cables including:


  • Three-pin (XLR) cables
  • RCA video and audio cables
  • 3.5 mm audio cables
  • 1/4" audio cables




A boombox can play CDs, cassette tapes, or the radio.