Zoom FAQ

As of August 2020, all faculty and staff of the university have a professional Zoom license. Meetings will support up to 300 active participants and include options for breakout sessions, chat, and more. You will be able to use your Puget Sound credentials to log in to your university Zoom account at https://pugetsound-edu.zoom.us

Student accounts will not have Zoom professional licenses. Any student wishing to host meetings should use Google Meet: https://meet.google.com.

Installing Zoom
Signing in to Your University Zoom Account
Errors Due to Personal Zoom Account Using University Email
Using zoom in Outlook
Zoom Recommended headsets
Saving and sharing Zoom recordings
Requesting a custom application to Integrate with zoom


How do I install Zoom?

We recommend installing the Zoom Client for Meetings available in Zoom's Download Center. Click Download then install the desktop client following the steps.

How do I sign in to my university Zoom account?

Using Zoom application

  1. Launch Zoom
  2. Select the option to Sign In with SSO.

  3. Enter pugetsound-edu in the "Company Domain" field then click Continue.
  4. You will be taken to a Google sign-in page. Log in using your Puget Sound email address and university password.

    • Note: if you are already signed in to your university Google account, you will automatically be signed in Zoom at this point. You are ready to use Zoom!
    • Note: if you are signed in to your personal Google account in your browser, please make sure you switch to your university Google account. 
  5. Click Launch Zoom to open the Zoom application.

Using your browser

  1. Go to https://pugetsound-edu.zoom.us/ 
  2. Click Sign in.
  3. You will be taken to a Google sign-in page. Enter your Puget Sound email address and university credentials.

What if I previously signed up for Zoom using my university email?

If you had previously set up a personally-owned Zoom account using your @pugetsound.edu email address, you will need to remove that address from your personal account prior to authenticating with your Puget Sound credentials. If you tried the steps above, you will likely receive the error message "Something went wrong while you tried signing in with SSO". Please follow the instructions to resolve the error. 

  1. Sign in to your personal Zoom account that is registered with your university email address at https://zoom.us/signin
  2. Go to Profile and click Edit on the "Sign-In Email" item.
  3. Enter a new personal email address and your Zoom password (separate from your university credentials) and click Save Changes.
  4. Once your personal Zoom account no longer uses your Puget Sound email address, go back to https://pugetsound-edu.zoom.us and try again.

Does Zoom integrate with Outlook?

If you would like the ability to schedule meetings using Zoom directly from Outlook, you will need to install the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook from Zoom's Download CenterNote: this is not supported for MacOS Catalina. See the full tutorial and system requirements here

Once it is installed, close and re-open Outlook. You will see new options to Schedule a Meeting or Start Instant Meeting in the Outlook ribbon. 

To schedule a meeting

  1. Click Schedule a Meeting.
  2. Select the Zoom settings for your meeting then click Save.
    • Meeting ID - "Generate Automatically" will create a new Zoom meeting link whereas "Personal Meeting ID" will use your own Zoom Room which has a static ID and link. 
    • It is highly recommended to enable "Passcode" and "Waiting Room" options for enhanced security
    • Video - select whether the video is on by default for the meeting. Participants will have the option to turn video on or off during the meeting regardless of the selected setting.

  3. The Outlook calendar invite will auto-populate with the Zoom link in the "Location" field and include details on how to join the meeting in the body of the message. In the "To" field, invite attendees as normal then click Send. The appointment will be added to your calendar and you will be able to modify the calendar appointment in Outlook if you need to change the meeting time. 

To Start an Instant Meeting

  1. Click Start Instant Meeting. This will launch Zoom.
  2. From there, you can invite somebody to join instantly. 
    • Option 1: Click the i icon in the top left corner. Click Copy URL and paste it into an email or message to the person of your choosing. 
    • Option 2: Click Participants in the bottom ribbon then click Invite in the bottom right corner. If the person has a university Zoom account, you can search for them in "Contacts" and click "Invite". 
    • Option 3: Click Participants in the bottom ribbon then click Invite in the bottom right corner. You can select the option to Copy Invite Link or Copy Invitation then paste the content into an email message.

What can I do to enhance audio quality? 

It is strongly recommended to use a quality headset for an optimal meeting experience. The computer microphone may tend to pick up ambient noise in the environment and can degrade audio quality.

Zoom recommends the following headsets (see link, "Headsets"), which are available from most major technology and online retailers.

Supported USB HID devices for the Zoom Desktop Client

How do I record and share a Zoom meeting?

Due to prohibitive cost, Zoom cloud-based recording is disabled. Instead, save the file locally then upload to Google Drive. Google’s cloud is extremely robust and Google Drive’s cloud-based storage is available to all university staff and faculty.

To save and make your Zoom recordings available:

  1. Click the Record button during the part of the meeting you wish to record.
  2. When the meeting concludes, the recording is saved inside of the Zoom folder of the Mac or Windows Documents directory.
  3. Upload the file to your Google Drive. Numerous sharing options exist within Google Drive to suit your needs.

To learn more about saving Zoom recordings:
Zoom: Recordings

To learn more about Google Drive and sharing:
Share files from Google Drive

How do I get an app or software product that I use integrated with Zoom?

Technology Services will not be able to integrate any non-standard applications at this time.