Printing on Campus

Starting fall 2017, Technology Services will combine all 3 semesters (fall, spring and summer) worth of print credits to each student's PrintGreen account which will total 2250 print credits. These free print credits are not equivalent to real money, therefore students cannot request a refund for the $225 print value.  Print credits will be reapplied every fall semester. Print credits will not roll over, but will be refreshed at the end of summer semester.  Additional prints beyond the allocation will cost 10¢ per printed page.  If you need extended printing support, contact Print and Copy Services.  **Note** students cannot use PrintGreen print credits towards the cost of jobs completed by Print and Copy Services.  Here are the 3 methods of printing.

Method #1 Print using Fast Card Readers (FCR)
In the File > Print menu select the printer labeled: Puget Sound Printer on Printers. This virtual print server will store all of your print jobs sent to this queue and will holds the prints until you release them using your Loggers ID card. When ready, release your print job by swiping your Loggers card through the FCR box attached to the designated student lab printers.




Method #2  Print using Print Release Stations
If you do not have access to your Loggers ID card and need to print, send your print job to the generic print queue -Puget Sound Printer on Printers, and locate any 3 of the lab Print Release Stations in the Learning Commons (main floor of Collins Library), Tech Center (lower level of Collins Library), Thompson Hall (room 189). Simply log into a print release station and select the job you want to print. Your printed job will be sent to the printer in proximity of the release station.


Method #3 Print using Lab Computers
While working on a computer lab machine, you can send your prints to the generic printer Puget Sound Printer on Printers, or send directly to the local printer(s) in the lab you are working in.