Technology Resources for Students

The following resources are available to every student attending the University of Puget Sound:

myPugetSound Icon  About myPugetSound
            - Access myPugetSound 

vDesk Icon About vDesk
            - vDesk HTML Instructions     
            - Installing vDesk - Mac OS       
            - Installing vDesk - Windows OS  Installing vDesk on Win Tutorial   

  About Canvas
            - Accessing Canvas 

Email Icon   About Email & Smart Devices 
             - Email Setup for iOS
             - Email Setup for Android
             - Accessing Puget Sound Email

  Campus Network
            - Network Requirements     

  Antivirus Downloads

             Desktop Icon  About Computer Labs
                        -Lab Locations & Information

         Password Management Icon  Password Management  Password Management Tutorial


         Network Storage Icon  Network Storage


          Printer Icon  Student Printing Information
                          - Mobility Print Setup for Android
                          - Mobility Print Setup for iOS
                          - Mobility Print Setup for Windows
                          - Mobility Print Setup for Mac

              Downstairs in Collins Memorial Library


There are Discounts Icon Technology Purchasing Guidelines available for students considering the purchase of a computer.

For information on how to access Microsoft Office, please visit our Student Access to Microsoft Office page.


Quick Technology Facts

Comprehensive wireless connectivity in all campus buildings

High-speed campus connection to the Internet

Over 300 machines available 24/7 in general access and residential computer labs

Extensive technical support through the Technology Service Desk

High-end digital media lab for audio and video editing

A wide range of multimedia equipment available for checkout

More than 100 electronic teaching spaces

Protect Your Password!

Always protect your Puget Sound username and password so no one else can use it to access your information or jeopardize the university’s resources.

Remember, Technology Services will NEVER ask you to provide your password by email!