Through PrintGreen, students are allotted 750 print credits each semester. A “print” is each page side that runs through the printer, so printing a single-sided page equals one print and a double-sided page is two prints.

After the 750 allotment, each print costs 10 cents. Based on records of past usage, the majority of students will never exhaust the 750 print credits alloted to them each semester. 

Through a desktop icon, students can check to see their remaining print credits, how many prints have been used, and the environmental impact of their printing to date. Students can also use this icon to add credit to their account as needed.  

As part of this initiative, the Bookstore sells coursepacks that can be printed on demand, and the university has obtained a copyright clearance license to support this process.

Management of PrintGreen

PrintGreen is overseen by the Library Media and Information Systems (LMIS) standing committee of the Faculty Senate, endorsed by the Sustainability Advisory Committee, and managed by Technology Services.

Data Supporting PrintGreen

Technology Services began monitoring printing on campus in August 2011. During Spring 2013, the average number of prints per student was 375. The median number of prints (half of students print less and half more) was 329.  Only 167 out of 2,633 students printed over 750 prints in Spring 2013.

As shown below, the 750 print allotment per student ensures the vast majority of students will not pay for any printing. The only students incurring costs will be those who choose to print in very high volumes.


Information and Assistance

For questions or comments, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 253.879.8585 or