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Getting Set Up

Organize my Moodle courses in the "My Enrolled Courses" block Stay organized and show your current courses within the "My Enrolled Courses" block.
Import past course content into a new course Import your past course content, including assignments, files, and external URLs into a current Moodle course.
Manually enroll students as users in a Moodle course This applies to manually enrolling Puget Sound students only and does not officially enroll them in a course. Please email if you need Puget Sound students, staff, or faculty given additional editing roles.
Hide and show course content Hide course content, including individual assignments, topic boxes, or grades from students and show them when you are ready.
Create groups and groupings of student Use groups to allocate an activity, resource, or topic section to a set of students.

Adding & Organizing Course Content

Create an assignment The assignment module allows facutly to collect work from students, review it, and provide feedback, including grades.
Add feedback to an assignment After creating an assignment, give students meaningful feedback on assignments using feedback comments.
Upload files to Moodle Upload resources for students to easily access.
Create a folder of materials Organize and describe a collection of resources and activities by creating folders.
Add a label to a topic box Adding labels within topics can help organize content and explain key directions and concepts.
Add a external URL Share external resources, assignments, and readings with students using URLs.
Create a glossary for students to add to The glossary activity module allows participants to create and maintain a list of definitions.

Interact with Students

Create a forum A forum is an activity where students and faculty can exchange ideas by posting comments.
Create a scheduler for appointments The scheduler module allows students to schedule individual appointments with faculty. Faculty can specify their availability, and the module allows facutly to record the attendance and grade the appointment.
Create a survey (using verified survey instruments) Faculty can use a number of verified survey instruments to gather data from their students that will help them learn about their class.
Get feedback from students Ask a question, get feedback, and survey students using the feedback activity. Multiple, anonymous, or text answers are possible
Review a Turnitin Assignment (student view) Turnitin's Feedback Studio allows professors to leave quick comments, longer comment summaries, and even voice comments while also checking for similarities to other sources. Professors can also grade using rubrics through the Feedback Studio.

The Grade Book

Please get in touch with us at for support in setting up your Moodle grade book. It is recommended that the grade book is set up prior to creating assignments and activities.

An overview of the Moodle Grade book:

Setting up the Moodle grade book (video by Craven Community College)