Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS).

When you login to with your Puget Sound login/password, you will find that the courses you are teaching in the current semester are already listed there, with your students already added. Moodle is connected to the Registration system, so that courses, instructors, and students are automatically added and dropped with one day's delay (the changes occur nightly). Once you login to, you'll find a growing number of cheatsheets and tutorials listed under "UPS Moodle Help" on the left menu.

If you'd like to use Moodle now, you are free to login to Moodle and just begin! 

Guide to accessing and using Moodle

If you prefer to schedule personal training or need assistance, please contact Educational Technology staff at or 253.879.3259. 

Moodle was designed by educators for educators, and is especially influenced by the constructivist theory of pedagogy, which supports a highly interactive learning style. As a result, Moodle has many tools designed for student contributions to class content.Here are some other sources of information about Moodle: