Frequently Asked Questions: Technology Center Development Studio

Interested in exploring active learning with technology?  See our FAQ to get started!

What is the Technology Center Development Studio (TCDS)?

This is a collaborative space with flexible furniture to support active learning pedagogy that incorporates the use of new and existing technologies. The purpose of the TCDS is to enable faculty and students to explore the uses of technology to enhance 21st century learning opportunities. The room will be configured in a way that is both suitable for class-based explorations and independent student use (outside of class).

Check our website for images of potential furniture arrangements or visit our space in Library 034 to see for yourself!

Why would I want to use the Studio?

Multiple studies in higher education around technology enhanced active learning classrooms suggest that these environments and the pedagogy used alongside them may contribute to more positive student opinions about learning as well as potential impact on increased engagement and academic performance in courses taught using these spaces. Active Learning Classrooms have also appeared as an experimental technology that will be mainstream by 2022 in EDUCAUSE’s Higher Education’s Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2017 research report.

What kinds of technology will be available?

We will be outfitting it with technology over the summer and welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Updates to the list of technology available will be added to our webpage as we near completion.

How can I teach in the TCDS?

The TCDS will be ready for use with specific course lessons based on application criteria for Fall 2017.  We are still accepting applications to teach in this space: submit your application today to be a part of this exciting project!

How do I find out more information?

To learn more about how the TCDS can enhance your pedagogy and how we can support you, contact your Educational Technologist.