About Active Learning

What is active learning?

Active learning is a process for engaging students using methods that facilitate collaboration, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking to assist them with making meaning out of their learning experience. While this is not a new pedagogy, it is burgeoning in the field of higher education in an effort to support and enhance coursework that builds important and necessary 21st century skills.

Why engage in active learning?

Research on active learning shows great promise in developing student empowerment and their ability to serve as architects of their education in a course.  There is also evidence of improvement in learning outcomes and performance. Active learning pedagogy centers around the philosophy of the instructor moving from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side to allow for a dynamic environment that fosters student's use of higher order thinking and deeper engagement with curriculum.

Why the Technology Center Development Studio?

While active learning can take place in classrooms and labs across campus, pedagogy can be further enhanced by classrooms specifically designed for this type of learning using flexible furniture and appropriate technology. The Technology Center Development Studio is equipped with furniture that can be arranged in different ways to fit multiple active learning pedagogies and methods. This design gives faculty and students--equally--the opportunity to develop arrangements that fit the type of activities they wish to participate in by arranging the room to suite their needs and best support their learning.

Our space includes access to existing and emerging technology to allow for the development of 21st century learning skills in a diverse and changing global and technologically-driven landscape.  The purpose of this room is to provide faculty a place to experiment and model active learning strategies to take back to their regular classrooms for greater application.