Where can I get training and support?

One of the best things about Canvas is the extensive training and support available to instructors. Instructors have access to extensive video and written guides, self-paced how-to courses, online communities, and in-person training opportunities on how to utilize Canvas to accomplish their teaching and learning goals.

Educational Technology will host training sessions beginning in Summer 2018 on how to transfer Moodle content to Canvas, and will continue to offer trainings on the many diverse capabilities of Canvas, such as course design, module use, and the grade book, throughout Fall 2018 & Spring 2019. 

Canvas Support - Instructors

Faculty can reach out to Canvas support by clicking on the "help" button on the menu on the left. This provides a portal for faculty to search the Canvas Guides for help or report a problem.

Canvas Support - Students

Students can also click on the "help" button to ask their instructor a question, search the Canvas Student Guides, or report a problem to Canvas.