Alert Your Students that Your Course is Using Canvas

Due to the Canvas Migration timeline, students may be accessing some courses in Canvas and some in Moodle. To help inform students of this transition and where your course content is, and to help minimize frustration during this transition, please share the information below with students in your syllabus and within your Moodle pages to direct students to Canvas:

Puget Sound is currently undergoing a Learning Management System (LMS) migration from Moodle to Canvas. The current migration timeline is available below:Canvas Migration Timeline

This course will use Canvas to share course materials, post assignment details, and to communicate throughout the semester. Students can access Canvas at and login with their Puget Sound credentials.

Learn how to navigate Canvas and answer any how-to questions, including accessing modules, completing assignments, editing your profile, and staying organized, by visiting the Canvas Student Guide.  A brief overview of the Canvas user interface is available below, while more specific how-to videos are available from Canvas's Video Guides. 


200 - Canvas Overview for Students from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

If you an encounter an issue, click on the help button in the left-hand navigation menu to search the Canvas guides, report a problem, ask the community, or submit a feature request.