Excellence In Action Rubric 2019

The nominations for the Excellence In Action awards for 2019 will ask nominators to describe how the nominee promotes one of the eight core values of the institution. While reviewing each nominee in consideration of the core values, the committee will assess how the nominee exhibited the value in relation to students, staff colleagues, faculty colleagues, and our surrounding community.

Core Values 

We are committed to articulate and creative self-expression as a means to achieving personal independence and making a difference in the world.

We genuinely respect each other and collaborate with honesty, integrity, and openness for the common good.

We practice civil discourse and deliberation, and have the courage to address difficult questions with innovative thinking.

We are passionate about our work and seek to instill in our students a commitment to intellectual curiosity and productive lives.

We seek diversity of identity, thought, perspective, and background in our students, faculty, and staff.

We prepare our students to be thoughtful and active citizens and leaders, and support opportunities for the professional development of our faculty and staff.

We are responsible stewards of our talents, resources, and traditions.

The university and the wider community sustain each other. We value our Northwest location and the unique confluence of urban, cultural, and natural attributes that enrich our learning community.


The Committee Will Use the Following Criteria for Narrowing Down the Nominees:

There are many ways to evaluate the strength of a nomination. If a nominee receives multiple nominations, this may be taken into consideration in the final steps of the process. However, it is important to be careful not to let volume of nominations for one candidate create a “halo effect” on the nominee, keeping the evaluation objective. If a committee member knows the candidate, they will be asked to remove any personal bias and focus only on the submitted material when making evaluations.