Excellence In Action FAQs 2019


Who is eligible to receive the award?

Only Puget Sound staff members are eligible. While our faculty and students do outstanding work, this award is solely awarded to members of the staff. Additionally, only individuals are eligible for the award, not departments.

Can I nominate myself?

Certainly! If you would like the committee to consider you for the award, you can fill the form out for anyone – including yourself!

Can I ask other people to nominate me?

Certainly! However, keep in mind that it is not the quantity of nominations that sway the committee’s decision. The quality of a written nomination far outweighs the quantity.

How are winners chosen?

The Staff Senate Human Resources Policies and Procedures Committee reviews the nominations against the rubric for the award (which can be found here). The committee only uses information provided on the form to assess the nominees; the committee does not use the volume of nominations nor personal knowledge about the nominee.

How are the winners recognized?

The winners of the award receive public recognition at the annual Staff Recognition Event and will be invited to lunch with President Crawford.

Still have questions about the award and its process? Please email staffsenate@pugetsound.edu and we will answer any questions you have about this award.