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Support your favorite by donating to the Rosa Beth Gibson Book Scholarship fund!

This spring we are running our first online fundraiser.  Each week we will email a Penny Jar Staff Poll, and encourage you to support your choice with a donation to the scholarship fund.  

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Check out current and past poll results below and submit your own pictures and captions for upcoming poll questions. Past polls will remain open and accepting donations until the end of the fundraiser.  Tell your friends and colleagues to vote for your favorite, too!

Prior Poll Results - polls are still open!

Best Zoom Background: Vote in this poll

What is the Rosa Beth Gibson Scholarship?

The University of Puget Sound Staff Senate awards the Rosa Beth Gibson book scholarships to staff members, spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children working toward a degree or completion of a program at any level, to include graduate work. The applicant may be attending Puget Sound or another university, college or vocational school either full- or part-time. The scholarship was established in honor of Rosa Beth Gibson, former associate vice president for human resources, upon her retirement in November 2011.

Upcoming Staff Polls

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* Theme song of the year

* Best crazy creation or online purchase of the year

Prior Polls:

* Best furred/feathered/finned/scaled coworker

* Best Zoom background