Personal & Property Safety

While we work hard to create a safe campus environment, unfortunate things can happen. You can take some simple precautions to reduce risk.

Prevention is the best way to protect yourself. Crimes of opportunity (like stealing an unattended laptop or expensive jacket) are among the most common campus crimes. Adapt the suggestions below to reduce campus crime.

  • Lock your doors and window when you leave your living space or car. By locking up, you remove opportunities for an intruder to get in easily.
  • Propped doors give easy access to people who don't have good intentions. Close any propped doors and report them if necessary.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. It is best not to wear earbuds and focus on your phone when you walk. Not paying attention makes you a target. If you choose to wear earbuds, keep one of them out and keep the volume low enough that you can hear danger approaching.
  • Walk with a friend at night or call Security for a safety escort. A person walking alone makes a better target.
  • Park in areas that are well lit and patrolled. Be mindful of parking that is darker and less monitored by campus safety officers.
  • Have your keys or access card ready. In a dangerous situation, having your keys in hand can allow you to get into your living space or car as quickly as possible.
  • Put the Security Services number 253.879.3311 into your phone. You can call Security to report a crime, when you notice something strange or when you feel threatened. Trust your instincts.