Campus Security Authority (CSA)

The Clery Act (a federal law) requires institutions to identify and notify individuals who meet the definition of a campus security authority and who must report crimes they become aware of to the proper authority—in our case Security Services. CSAs play an important role in ensuring the University of Puget Sound is in compliance with the law. A crime reported to a CSA that goes no further, may jeopardize university compliance with the law and the safety of our campus.

The university has a responsibility to annually disclose accurate crime statistics and to keep the campus community informed in a timely manner about campus emergencies or crimes that may pose a serious or on-going threat to the campus community. CSA crime reports help facilitate these obligations.

Upon receiving a report about a crime from an individual, a CSA should respond as follows:

  • Explain assistance is available and direct the reporting person accordingly.
  • Encourage the reporting person to contact Security Services or Tacoma Police immediately – even if they do not want an investigation to occur.
  • Explain your crime reporting responsibilities and obligations to the reporting party and report the basic information about the alleged crime to Security Services or the Title IX Office.
  • If the crime report is received while the crime is occurring, contact Security Services or Tacoma Police immediately for response and assistance.

If you have non-urgent or general questions about your responsibilities as a CSA, contact the Director or Associate Director of Security during business hours.  Report all emergencies or crimes in progress immediately to Security Services (253.879.3311) or the Tacoma Police Department (911).