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Philosophy can be described as the application of reason to the most general and fundamental questions of human concern, in order to give them the best justified possible answers. Students find that courses in the Philosophy Department develop an unusual range of intellectual abilities.
Wyatt 333, 253.879.2649

Physical Education

The Physical Education program offers Puget Sound students 39 different activity courses including fitness, recreational activities, sports skills, and dance.
Memorial Fieldhouse


The Physics department addresses the needs of physics majors, Dual Degree Engineering students, and other science majors. The department also supports the university's liberal arts emphasis by providing coursework for students majoring in all areas, in order to broaden their intellectual reach.
Thompson 165, 253.879.3127

Politics and Government

Politics is about the struggle over power, authority, freedom, security and peace-the core issues of public life. The Department of Politics and Government trains students to understand these issues at the local, national, and international level, by providing a wide-ranging yet integrated study of politics and governance.
Wyatt 231, 253.879.3165

Print & Copy Services

Print & Copy Services provides digital printing for departments, clubs, and personal projects for all faculty, staff, students, and neighbors; provides stationery order processing (letterhead, envelopes, and business cards); manages and provides support for Konica Minolta copiers placed around campus.
3210 N. 15th St., 253.879.3737,


Psychology is the study of human thought and behavior. The psychology faculty and curriculum represent many of the major subdisciplines in psychology (e.g., development, clinical, cognition, learning, sensation, perception, biopsychology, personality, social, and industrial-organizational).
Weyerhaeuser 307, 253.879.3307