Procurement Tools

Three new inquiry tools make PeopleSoft Financials better! These tools allow users to look up procurement-related information based on budget administration security rules, resulting in better searching, fewer clicks, better search results, and a user-friendly interface.

Purchasing & Payables Inquiry
This tool replaces and refines the former Vendor Invoice Inquiry tool to look up payment status of purchasing and payables requests throughout the procurement cycle (requisition to purchase order to invoice to payment), based on vendor, requisition ID, purchase order number, invoice number, or budget coding.

Requisition Inquiry
This is a new search page based on vendor, requisition ID, or budget coding.

Purchase Order Inquiry
This is a new search page based on vendor, purchase order number, or budget coding.

Helpful Features:

  • Ability to search on various requisition, purchase order, or invoice criteria
  • Fewer clicks to drill down to detailed information
  • Search features that narrow the amount of data returned
  • User-friendly screens that function similarly to the Budget Admin Tools

Access Inquiry Tools

Log in to PeopleSoft Financials. Select Main Menu  >  Puget Sound Financials  >  (Select one) Purchase Order Inquiry, Purchasing & Payables Inquiry, or Requisition Inquiry:

Feature Highlights

The Purchasing & Payables Inquiry can give you quick information, such as whether a specific invoice number has been paid. (Hint: If there's a date displayed in the Payment Date field, it's paid!)

Clicking on that Payment Date will display the check number, as well as the detailed description of the item.

Only actual payments now display—canceled payments are no longer included in the view!


The Requisition Inquiry now gives you the capability to see requisition details based on who created the requisition and/or based on having open pre-encumbrances.


The Purchase Order Inquiry has the capability to create a list of purchase orders that have open encumbrances.