Sole Source Vendor arrangement for water services and cases of bottled water


November 1, 2011

Cost Savings:

$6,900 annually; 60% reduction

Benefits to departments:

♦ Improved service levels

♦  Lower cost

♦  No invoice processing for departments

More info:

Procurement Services

253-879-3519 or 253-879-2731


We have chosen DS Waters to partner with Puget Sound. By partnering with a preferred vendor such as DS Waters, we will be able to see a realized savings of approximately 60% through effective negotiation of a one-year commitment by the university with a one-year option to renew. We were able to negotiate lower but fixed costs on the bottles of water, no rental charges on the actual coolers, no delivery surcharge, and one monthly statement to be processed.  Departments will sign delivery receipts confirming that the product has been delivered, and DS Waters will submit those to Procurement Services for reconciliation with the monthly statement.  Departments will no longer have to submit invoices for payment.

Our commitment to DS Waters is that the university will purchase all water services and all cases of bottled water through them.  If your department has a need for a water product that is not available from DS Waters, you will need to contact Procurement Services.

Departments who want to add water services should contact Procurement Services to coordinate any new services. DS Waters is also  the sole source provider of 16.9-oz bottles of water by the case, delivered directly to your location. You can coordinate the initial ordering through Procurement Services (253-879-3519 or 253-978-2731).