Complete Office Purchasing


Complete Office Sole Source Vendor arrangement for office supplies


December 2011 - January 2012

Benefits to departments:

♦ Improved service levels

♦  Lower cost

♦  No invoice processing for departments

Cost Savings:

$56,000+ annually; 26% estimated reduction

More info:

Procurement Services

253-879-3519 or 253-879-2731

In consideration of the demands associated with the end of fall term, the transition for Academic Departments will occur in January.  All other departments will transition during December.

The university spends about $330,000 per year on office supplies.  Departments have made best efforts to get the best products at the lowest cost.  To do that they have purchased from many sources, including online, Costco, Target, and Walgreen’s.  Many of you have utilized the Puget Sound Bookstore for both convenience and to support the university’s overall budget.  Your efforts are laudable—and we think they warrant a little more assistance!

As you know, we are moving to sole source vendor relationships, which provide the university with a number of benefits:

♦  Lower overall costs from leveraging our purchasing power with a single vendor

♦  Higher service levels through a service level agreement and monthly vendor meetings

♦  Periodic review of items purchased to evaluate which have a high enough volume to add to contract pricing

♦  Vendor support to identify lower cost and/or higher quality items

♦  Easy processing of payment for departments

For office supplies, we have selected Complete Office as our sole source vendor. 

Here’s how the new relationship will work:

♦  Complete Office has created a web site through which you can place orders for your department or budget index.

♦  We will shortly send out a request to budget managers asking for information to customize the web site for each department’s use.

♦  When an order is entered on the website, an email will be sent to the budget manager with a link to the Complete Office website to provide pre-purchase approval.  This step replaces the approval of the invoice after the product is received.  Best practice is to get approval before the purchase is committed so that budgets can be more closely managed.

♦ If you order for more than one department or index, you can specify the budget to be charged for each line on the order. Separate orders will be created within Complete Office’s system and sent to the appropriate budget manager for approval. Approval of the entire order is not necessary for approved line items to be delivered.

♦ Once approved, the order will be processed and delivered next day to the department’s office.

♦ The Complete Office delivery person will get a signature showing that the supplies were received and will provide Procurement Services with the receiving information.

♦ If the delivery person cannot deliver due to an office being closed, the delivery driver will deliver the package to Procurement Services, who will sign for the supplies. Procurement Services will contact the department and deliver their supplies to them.

♦ Receipts will be matched to a monthly statement by Ed Barber, and one payment will be processed each month for the entire university, allocated to each department based on the approval authorization at the time of order. Departments will no longer have to submit office supply invoices for payment.

Our commitment to Complete Office is that the university will purchase all office supplies through them, including printer toner cartridges. 

Help from the Bookstore for same-day requirements or for products not available through Complete Office

Complete Office delivers overnight, but if you find that you need something same day, the university Bookstore will continue to stock many of the supplies that departments need.  A range of discounts  will be offered depending on the cost of the product.  Call or visit the Bookstore with your needs, and they will provide you with the same helpful and courteous service we have all experienced from them. 

When you purchase from the bookstore, please use the recharge system rather than your p-card.  We pay fees on credit card purchases that are higher than the p-card rebate—this is an instance in which using your p-card does not help the university.

Remember too that the bookstore is a great place to shop for gifts for students, faculty, staff, friends and family.  With their focus on serving the needs of students, faculty, staff, and alumni, they carry a large selection of high-quality Puget Sound-branded products.

The toner refill service previously available from Cartridge World through the Bookstore will no longer be offered.  Cartridge refills reduce the quality of printing and the life of printers and are not recommended.  You can still support sustainability efforts by giving your used toner cartridges back to the Complete Office delivery person.

Transition and Training

One-hour training sessions for those in academic departments who regularly place office supply orders will take place at the following times:

Tuesday                December 13                      10 am               Howarth 005
Tuesday December 13 2 pm Howarth 005
Wednesday December 14 10 am Howarth 005
Wednesday December 14 2 pm Howarth 005
Thursday January 12 2 pm Library 020
Wednesday January 18 10 am Howarth 005
Wednesday January 18 2 pm Howarth 005

Space is limited to 12 per session.  Please submit your preferred time to

Those receiving training will be provided with information to share with their approvers on how to log in and finalize the order.  During the month of December, we will work with departments to make sure that the ordering process is working well and is set up properly.

By February 1, we anticipate having all office supply purchases go through Complete Office as the primary vendor, through the Bookstore for same day purchases or items not available through Complete Office, or through Procurement Services as the last stop.  Your help in making sure we have a smooth and effective transition is much appreciated.