Cellular Service Discount for Active Faculty & Staff

There are several vendors in the Tacoma area. Rate plans and offerings change frequently, and service availability levels vary throughout the region. The University of Puget Sound has agreements with the cellular service providers listed below to extend discounted rates to active university faculty and staff and their household members. To obtain the discount, the plan needs to be in the active faculty or staff member's name.

It is important to understand that any contract between the service provider and you is a personal contract and the university will not act as a broker on your behalf. To assist you in the purchase process, below is the current vendor and contact information.


Contact Information



Employee Value Discount


The Employee Value Program serves as a central resource for you to obtain discounts on wireless devices, accessories, and services in a convenient manner, either online or over the phone eliminating the need to travel to a retail store. 


For info regarding program details: T-Mobile Advantage Program Flyer

For New Service/Add-a-line only: call 1.888.256.5541 and mention promo code: 12428TMOFAV

For VIP Setup or Questions, please fill out the form here or email Blaine.Nixon@T-Mobile.com

Verizon Wireless

www.verizonwireless.com/discounts or contact Philip Joco, 206.496.3157 Philip Joco@verizonwireless.com.

For assistance when signing up for your Verizon discount, please read this document: Verizon Wireless Employee Discount flyer (pdf)

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