Budget Manager Resource Guide

Table of Contents

Section A - Introduction

1. When you have questions or need more information
2. Report Corrections to This Guide or Missing Information
3. University Finance 101 - Understanding Accounting at Puget Sound
4. The University’s Budget (Fiscal) Year
5. Budget Manager Fiscal Responsibilities
6. Contact Information for Budget Managers

Section B – Establishing the Budget

1. Budgeting at Puget Sound (on-campus viewing only)
2. Budget Organization & Coding

Section C – Spending Your Budget

1. Authorization to approve purchases and expenditures
2. When to use online purchase orders
3. Payments to Vendors
4. Typical Disbursement Coding
5. Campus Services and Related Recharges
6. Contact information

Section D. Reviewing the Status of Your Budget

1. Access to Your Budget Via the Web
2. Requesting a Correction, Transfer or Other Adjustment
3. Budget Variance Reporting & Projections

Section E - Fiscal Year-End (link coming soon)

Section F – Designated and Restricted Funds: Grants, Donor Gifts and Faculty Travel

1. Grants, donor gifts, and expendable endowed funds
2. Faculty travel
3. Contact information